Thursday, November 18, 2010

Introducing Cabin 2!

Erin Parker


Erin's always been a little bit crazy, so no one in her overly large family was very surprised when she decided to leave on the boat. The fourth daughter of a poor family, Erin was overlooked and never expected to amount to much of anything. She wasn't the prettiest, the smartest, or the most hard-working, and she had a tendency to sneak off to paint when she should have been tending to the chickens or weeding the garden. Erin left with vague dreams of meeting Prince Charming during the voyage and getting swept away on horseback to the castle of her dreams, where they would raise a large family together. Imagine her surprise when there wasn't a single prince in sight! And to add insult to injury, some pirate woman named Lucia had the nerve to ask her to fetch some food for her, as if Erin was a common servant! Needless to say, Erin and Lucia are now enemies. Erin did find a friend in Kim Cinders however, a kind woman who married during the voyage.

Class Status: Lower Class
Traits: Atistic, Family-Oriented, Good Sense of Humor, Hopeless Romantic, Insane
LTW: Surrounded by Family
Enemy: Lucia Durand (See "Nobles")
Friend: Kim Cinders (See "Lower Class")

Akua Owusu


Taught to sell goods for his father as soon as he could talk, Akua is the perfect businessman. He comes from a large family of merchants, but even among them he's always been special. Akua's uncanny ability to convince others to buy anything has given him an incredible amount of success, but Akua always craves more. He isn't sure what he wants exactly, but he knows that the answer is somewhere out there. Akua convinced his father that he was going to the new kingdom to represent the company, but that was a blatant lie. He really just wants to have a fresh start. On the journey, he discovered the pirate captain, Lucia, stealing from his fresh water supply. Akua confronted her, and now the two are sworn enemies. When the crew landed, Akua noticed a beautiful girl getting off the boat. The only thing Akua knows about her is that her name is Lizabet, but he is sure that for the first time ever he's in love.

Class Status: Middle Class
Traits: Genius, Frugal, Born Salesman, Ambitious, Inappropriate
LTW: Renaissance Sim
In Love With: Lizabet (See "Lower Class")
Enemy: Lucia Durand (See "Nobles")

Amber Tuf


Amber took one look at the boat on the departure day, and she had to go. Amber's always been like that- she could never resist a good toy, and the boat had so many cool gadgets to discover and play with. Amber's older brother called her a child for wanting to leave just because of a dumb boat, but he wasn't laughing when she hid on the boat, now was he? Amber still laughs imagining him telling Mother that he couldn't find her, that she must've left on the boat. It was a spontaneous move, but completely worth it! Besides, in the new kingdom Amber would be able to write about everything. She had vague fantasies of writing true stories in a form that people would actually want to buy! But Amber knew she made the right choice when she met Akua Owusu- otherwise known as the man of her dreams! He's smart, witty, good looking, and interesting. Too bad she only said about two words to him throughout the voyage! Will Amber achieve her dreams and win Akua's affections?

Class Status: Lower Class
Traits: Absent-Minded, Childish, Easily-Impressed, Excitable, Inappropriate
LTW: Star News Anchor
In Love With: Akua Owusu (See "Middle Class")

Fran Stein


Nobody knew of Fran when she showed up at the boat, demanding entry. To be honest, everyone was too scared to say no. She was a strange one for sure, always seeming to get pleasure out of others' misfortunes. She also had the habit of constantly mooching food and money off of others- it got rather annoying! Kira Ashton was always willing to give Fran some money, but when Fran demanded that Kira give her everything she owned, that was the end of it! Now the two of them hate each other. Fran's only friend is Janice York, another woman who feels isolated and different from the other travelers. Will Fran fit in among the kingdom, or is she just too unusual?

Class Status: Lower Class
Traits: Dislikes Children, Absent-Minded, Evil, Mooch, Perfectionist
LTW: Gold Digger
Enemy: Kira Ashton (See "Nobles")
Friend: Janice York (See "Upper Middle Class")

Robbie Johnston


Robbie has it all going on, and he knows it. His Daddy was rich and gave him lots of money for the voyage. So why isn't he part of the upper echelon of society? Robbie has no clue, but he means to find out! Unfortunately, he's already on terrible terms with Wayne Dunthorpe, the sweetheart of the Noble class. Apparently it wasn't a good idea to call him pretentious to his face- but how was Robbie supposed to know he was a Noble, it was only a joke! Robbie's stress over his status has made him a little bit neurotic. He's obsessed with fitting in with the high class society. His new girlfriend, Judi Dielman, is great at calming him down, but he worries that if he wants to continue rising higher in society he may have to leave her behind...

Class Status: Upper Middle Class
Traits: Good Sense of Humor, Genius, Brave, Athletic, Neurotic
LTW: Become a Superstar Athlete
Girlfriend: Judi Dielman (See "Lower Class")
Enemy: Wayne Dunthorpe (See "Nobles")

Wayne Dunthorpe


Wayne never questioned going on the ship. He felt that it was his destiny, his chance to do something truly exciting and wild. Wayne was sick of hanging around court flirting with women and riding in jousting tournaments. So he left, and hasn't looked back since. Right now, life is seeming pretty perfect. He knows that he's a big shot in the new kingdom (bringing tons of money tends to do that for you). He's already noticed girls squabbling over who gets to marry him- not that he plans to marry anytime soon! Best of all, Kira Ashton, his closest friend since childhood, has also decided to come. The only annoyance in his perfect world is Robbie Johnston. How dare that upstart jerk call him pretentious? Wayne has vowed to make sure that Robbie and his descendants are never in the upper class.

Class Status: Noble
Traits: Athletic, Charismatic, Daredevil, Flirty, Lucky
LTW: Super Popular
Enemy: Robbie Johnston (See "Upper Middle Class")
Friend: Kira Ashton (See "Nobles")

Kira Ashton


Everyone knows that Kira's a good girl. Sheltered and almost always kept at home in her gigantic manor house, Kira needed to get away. When her best friend Wayne told her about a journey to a new kingdom, Kira fell in love with the idea. Her parents begged her not to go, but Kira wouldn't listen. No matter what she did, someone wanted to coddle her or call her a "sweet little girl," like she didn't know what she was doing. Kira was sick of being treated like a child. She just wanted to be left to make her own decisions, and her choice was to leave. In the new kingdom now, Kira knows that everything will work out. She's already found a man to start a family with too! His name is Fitzwilliam Devehart, and unlike everyone else, even Wayne, he treats her like a real person, not a delicate doll. So why does he insist they keep their relationship secret? Kira is prepared to lose her status in the kingdom if that's what it takes for the world to acknowledge their relationship.

Class Status: Noble
Traits: Friendly, Flirty, Good, Hopeless Romantic, Technophobe
LTW: Surrounded by Family
Enemy: Fran Stein (See "Lower Class")
Romantic Interest: Fitzwilliam Devehart (See "Lower Class")
Friend: Wayne Dunthorpe (See "Nobles")

Kyler Maddox


Ever since he was young, Kyler worked as a spy for the King. The work always got him excited. He felt special, somehow more important than his good-for-nothing brothers that hang around the taverns when they should be bringing money in for the family. One day, it occurred to Kyler that the monarch in the new kingdom would need a spy, and that if he moved in fast he could probably become the head of security. Each day, Kyler waits anxiously to learn who will be King or Queen so that he can offer his services. In the midst of all his spying will Kyler actually have time to make friends?

Class Status: Lower Class
Traits: Lucky, Brave, Athletic, Friendly, Hot-Headed
LTW: International Super Spy

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